Battery lawnmowers tips

The lightweight among other mowers: here we have lots of information and tips on battery lawnmowers for you to put a row. There is also self propelled lawn mower. Here are self propelled lawn mower reviews

Advantages and disadvantages of cordless mowers

  • very light garden equipment
  • quiet
  • agile
  • wireless
  • and environmental friendly

Compared to other mower models are cordless lawnmowers, however,

  • less potent
  • not ready for use when the battery is empty unless you have a spare battery
  • and often more expensive than electric lawnmowers.

Usage tips for your lawn mower

Get to read more from your lawn mower by our tips. So it is convenient to choose the correct cutting height. And how to best sharpen the knives? We also like to give you some advice on safety.

Cordless Lawn Mowers lose much of their power by misuse. But it does not! Because below you will find some valuable tips on how you can best serve your cordless lawnmower.

Precisely Using a Battery Lawnmower

Lawn mower blades should stop after tripping according to the law within three seconds. This will only be achieved if the battery slows the knife, which at the expense. All users often turn off the mower, lost a portion of the area to be mowed. Therefore, the battery lawnmower must at times rather not be turned off, but this should always be done with the engine running. Start the lawnmower in tall grass. It is better to start the machine outside the lawn and full load to run on the lawn.

Which surface you can cut per charge, is also affected by the inappropriate riding. Avoid overlapping already cut jobs. That means you ideally one job alongside another reaps. Often, however, a large part of the surface is always double cut on the outward and return drive. Again, this can result that can be mowed a smaller size than that indicated by the manufacturer.

Cutting height

Who in the wrong, or works too deep-set cutting height may soon no longer enjoy his cordless lawnmower? At the beginning of the season, you should not cut deeper than 60 mm. Radical mowing must be avoided to a depth below 60 mm to 20 mm. In the optimal case, the cutting height can not be set deeper than 40 mm. If you want to cut deeper than 40 mm, it is recommended to adjust the cutting depth weekly one cutting level (= 5 mm) deeper, until you reach the desired cutting height.


The condition of the park may affect battery performance. Is it a well-kept garden or a wild grass landscape? Is the lawn or scarify the surface is sealed? In the latter case, there is a fungal growth inhibiting layer on the lawn which inhibits the penetration of water, oxygen, and manure. Depending on the state of the lawn mower, the motor of the need to work more or less, which is at the expense of the battery capacity.

Cordless Lawn Mowers maintained and hibernated

The flow is achieved at battery lawnmowers often made of nickel-cadmium batteries that discharge itself over time. This is not bad, as long as the batteries are not stored empty for a long time. Drive the machine after the season and to store once and then charge the battery pack fully. During the winter break, it is sufficient to load at after 2 to 3 months.

Another power source is the lithium-ion technology. This is based on its high energy density and fast charge capability now standard. Other types of batteries may be cheaper, but, however, are distinguished by greater weight, long charging times and shorter working hours.

Cordless Lawnmower save correctly

Cordless mowers are virtually maintenance free. Apart from sharpening the blades of the mower, there is hardly any maintenance. In the winter, you should not just leave it off your battery lawnmower. The ideal storage place is free of dust and protected from the weather. For example, save the mower in a shed.

Dealing with cutting waste

Cuttings on the compost heap

In the summer and spring, you have to mow lawn sometimes up to 2 times per week. You produce a lot of cuttings and can be difficult to dispose of all the waste. Also, grass clippings form an air-tight layer. If you throw the composting process stops thereby put on the compost heap. Mix the clippings therefore first with coarse, breathable garden waste such as leaves.

Lawnmower with mulching

It is also a good option to take a lawnmower with mulching, which leaves the clippings into small pieces on the lawn. The clippings provide nutrients and ensure that the garden holds water better. If your lawnmower has no multi-strand and leaves the clippings still lying on the lawn, the grass clippings choke the grass and get your dry spots.

Extras for your mattress

Here are some extras for your mattress purchase:

Topper: sense or nonsense?

A mattress topper is a thin mattress (5 to 10 cm thick) lying on top of an ordinary mattress. This is a nothing but a thin mattress on a thick mattress.

Mattress topper is primarily a marketing ploy to give the impression that you get two mattresses for the price of 1. It wrongly suggests that you get more comfortable with the combination of the best memory foam mattress topper than with one single mattress. In reality, add a mattress topper is nothing to a good standard mattress. So rather invest in a good, regular mattress.

Two types of mattress toppers

There are roughly two types of mattress toppers:

  • Top mattresses that are provided as part of a fixed set with a mattress and sometimes with (boxspring) bed base. The mattress is included in the price. Usually, it comes in this top mattresses down to the thick bottom mattress can not be used without the top mattress.
  • The lower thick mattress than is intended for supporting. The mattress is the comfort layer just an ordinary mattress is in the mattress itself. In fact, they thus have a regular mattress with both support and comfort layers split into a supporting part and a separate part comfort.

Top mattresses sold separately. These mattress toppers also pay loose. You can put such a free mattress as extra comfort layer on your regular mattress. But that is meaningless.

In your regular mattress, after all, there is already a comfort layer. Some people find that extra layer extra comfortable, but many others find it unnatural. Try a combination of a mattress on a full regular mattress so first in the store.

Benefits of a mattress topper:

  • You relieve the underlying mattress, making them last longer.
  • You need therefore to return less often lower mattress.
  • A mattress is turning lighter and easier.
  • With a double bed with separate mattresses have less trouble with the seam there is a double mattress is located.
  • A ticking of a mattress topper is much smaller and fits better in the washing machine.

Drawbacks and caveats:

  • A sagging mattress or poor you can not pop top mattress.
  • If your regular mattress has an excellent comfort layer, a mattress is unnecessary.
  • It may feel unnatural to lie on two mattresses.
  • Two single-top mattresses can drift apart in a two-under-mattress when you lie on it.
  • A mattress in a real full-fledged mattress can deteriorate the properties of the mattress bottom.
  • For the price of a mattress often buy an ordinary mattress.


Save any open beds leaflet and the box springs flying around your ears. According to beds specialists, there are now about 7 in 10 of the beds sold a box spring combination. What can you expect from a box spring?

What is a box spring?

The excellent name for a box spring a box spring combination. The box spring is in fact only the bed base. Learn about other types of bases. A box spring combination consisting of a box-frame on legs, a mattress, and possibly a top mattress. The chassis consists of a coated container of wood or metal, with a metal frame with legs and Bonell spring. Then comes a mattress and possibly a top mattress.

You can expand the box spring with a head and foot board. Legs and upholstery are available in endless variations and price ranges.

Why a box spring?

There is not one think the clear and comprehensive explanation for the success of the box spring. There are all kinds of theories:

  • Consumers would find the massive appearance of a box spring combination attractive.
  • The combination of a mattress with springs on a sprung base would be extra comfortable.
  • Consumers would find it beautiful that a box spring combination that is higher than a mattress on a different bed base.
  • The trend would strengthen himself. That is, consumers always like to have some friends and family.
  • Because box springs in many hotels use consumers would associate the box spring with the pleasant feeling of vacation and relaxation.

Benefits of the boxspring

A box spring combination has a few features that some people find very pleasant. As:

  • A box spring combination is higher than an ordinary mattress-bed (bottom) combination.
  • Because of the many possibilities in color and material of the coating is a box spring combination easy to adapt to the room interior.
  • The open structure of feathers ventilates a box spring combination well.
  • Two single box spring combinations you can easily make a double bed.
  • Without head and foot board is a compact box spring combination: no larger than the mattress size.

Disadvantages of the boxspring

  • The fabric cover of a box spring dust is hard to maintain. That’s a problem for people with house dust (mite) allergy. Alternatively, you can use plastic coating (leather look).
  • Stains on the upholstery are harder to remove than a wooden or plastic bed frame or upholstery.
  • For some people, brings out the combination of an innerspring mattress on a sprung base too much.
  • The coating. Often, the mattress of a box spring in the same fabric is coated as the bottom. When you let replace the mattress, it is virtually impossible to hold them in the same fabric. You have to buy a new combination, or re-let coat the chassis.

For which mattress?

In principle, all types of mattresses are suitable for a box-frame. But most manufacturers recommend a pocket sprung mattress. All pocket sprung mattresses in our mattresses are suitable for testing on a box-spring suspension.

Homemade game cameras

One of the best improvements in hunting in recent years is the arrival of the game camera or trail camera. A remote camera setup close to a game pad or feeding area captures the play of activity, day or night. Equipped with an infrared motion detector to activate the camera and flash for night use, finds a hunter the game that he’s looking for, even before the season starts. Build save your own from scratch and money or designing parts and kits ready to assemble. Read game camera reviews for more information.

Benefits and Applications

Game cameras give the modern hunter increased advantage in scouting areas for play. The benefits of building your own setup are primarily cost savings, plus the ability to change the settings to meet your specific needs. Set your camera in an area that may hold promise as feeding grounds or trail intersections. The ability of the camera to take pictures at a distance and in the dark when an animal activates the sensor you can see exactly which game is in the area, including type and size of individual animals.


The first step in building your trail camera is to decide what features you need. The life of the battery, motion detection and time delay between shutter release and type of case are factors to consider. A camera controller board is the heart of the setup and complete with the motion sensor, ready to mount can be purchased at your own camera. The camera should have a good flash capacity, fast shutter speed, and ability to work in low light / flash in sync with the motion sensor unit. The case must be weatherproof and easily attached to trees or posts.


The two main ways of building homemade trail cameras create your own from scratch and installing one of the many available kits. If you know enough electrical wire your controller board, have sensor and camera, you can save money by buying the parts and wire the setup itself. If this is not the case, get a pre-wired controller board with a built-in motion detector and hook it to your own digital camera, follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Kits are also available for building your setup with minimal time and knowledge. Choose the one with the camera, the controller board and the thing you need and can afford, save time and effort.


The trail camera setup is housed in a gun or ammunition case, preferably camouflaged and waterproof. Change your business by drilling holes for the camera lens, flash and motion sensor. Seal the enclosure openings after confirmation of the camera and sensor. Keep in mind how you will attach the case in the field. If the area is popular with hunters and hikers, you may need to use a cable lock to secure the case and hide out of sight. Refer to the manufacturer specifications of the camera, memory, battery life, and sensor. Use this information to set your schedule how often you’ll need to check the unit in the field.

Best Trail Camera Settings

Trail of scouting cameras are used to track animals in the wild, hunting or study. They have motion sensors and can shoot day or night. They usually have an infrared flash night to capture images without surprising nature. If you get the most use out of your trail camera, here are some starting tips.


Look for a game trail, usually near a water supply such as a stream or pond. trail attach the camera to a tree with the help of the belts associated with the lens facing the trail. Because the image quality is not the main thing here — keeping wildlife is the camera set to the second-lowest quality setting. That gives you more photos on your memory card. The camera over an angle of 45 degrees to display the trail time to explain the setting of the image fixed. Do not set it facing directly at the trail. Motion sensors, motion sensors can not sense motion coming directly at them.


Setting the camera to take at about three-minute intervals while shooting images. That gives you a set time when animals are within range of the camera. You can also set it to multiple images when the motion sensor is tripped. Especially if the camera does not have video capabilities that will give you travel a sense of movement and the direction animals. If the camera has multiple sensitivity settings, you probably do not set it to the most sensitive area because it undesired movement can pick up by things such as birds, blowing leaves and even some large flying insects (like butterflies and).


Use the time stamp. That will tell you what time, day or night, animals coming along the trail. Some of the more advanced cameras also provide other information, including the date, which is the temperature was when the animals move were, and what the moon phase was at the time. All that can provide information about a period of time you have a good sense of how many animals use the trail and when they use it.

Also, check the camera at regular intervals. That gives you a better feel for how many animals passed. The batteries in most models will last for several weeks on a single charge, so check the camera at least once a week.


Depending on your activity (hiking, mountaineering, cycling, shipping, ski touring, trekking, travel, etc.), place of camp you are considering, the season and the weather, the number of people to shelter, your means of locomotion (foot, bicycle, car, motorbike, train, etc.), the criteria for choosing the best camping tents can be very different.

Indeed, how to choose the tent can quickly become complex, because of the number of manufacturers in the market, the different ranges of each, and the impressive number of models! Here are some tips to better understand the range of VAUDE tents.

How to choose your camping site with tent?

General considerations

  • Set up your tent in a place sheltered from the wind. Avoid basins where rainwater can accumulate.
  • Orient your tent according to the wind: the entry should be at the back of the wind.
  • Note the proximity of water can increase the appearance of condensation in your tent.
  • Do not pitch your tent at exposed locations or dangerous such as gorges, beneath high cliffs, in an avalanche slope.
  • Rid your location any pointed or sharp object that could damage the floor of your tent. To protect the floor of your tent, you can use a tarp.
  • If you plan to stay in one place for more than one night, think of your tent as much as possible in the shade UV rays which accelerate aging of fabrics and coatings.
  • If you plan your tent in the snow or cold, you can dig a trench in the apse heat, this allows to trap cold air.
  • Do not let snow pile up on your tent. Because of fire and choking, it is not advisable to cook in the tent.

If you do not have a choice, make sure that the air supply is sufficient and install the stove as far as possible from the walls of the tent. For this, it is possible to remove and fold in part the inner tent.

Your tent near rivers and lakes

In warm weather, mosquitoes can be a hassle if you camp near rivers and lakes. It may be convenient to use mosquito nets that maintain good ventilation.

The proximity of water can cause abundant condensation, especially in the morning. Many VAUDE models have good ventilation, which prevents the occurrence of condensation.

Tent in the mountains

In the mountains, remember that you must carry all your equipment for long distances. It is therefore recommended to choose a lightweight tent. The weather can be very changeable in the mountains, it is better to have a quick and easy to install tent.

The winds and storms can suddenly get up and blow various directions. In this case, the VAUDE of storm models are particularly popular.

Sleeping in tents in arid areas (deserts)

If you install your tent in the desert or in other dry and mineral regions, there may be a lot of sand and dust, which particularly damages the zippers. To repair stubborn zippers, clean them with a toothbrush and a little silicone spray.

For optimum ventilation, the tent should be tight. If the wind and rain are not the party, you can install only the inner tent of some VAUDE tents (with interior arches). You will benefit from optimal ventilation while being protected from mosquitoes.

Knowing camp despite weather

Against the wind

If strong winds are expected, it is wise to choose a geodesic tent, particularly wind resistant.

In general, the tent must be installed with the entry back to the wind.

Important to provide good wind resistance, the fabric of your tent should be tight.

Against rain

All VAUDE tents are absolutely watertight. It may be necessary to seal the seams first silicone outdoor tents with Silnet. This action should be performed only once and is only needed when severe weather is announced.

A double wall tent has the advantage of better ventilation. It reduces condensation and the inner tent stays dry.

Important: your tent must be taut when it rains. This prevents contact between the inner tent and outer tent and ensures good ventilation.

Against snow

The traditional poles are not suitable for use in the snow. It is better to use stakes V-shaped and fitted with a large scoop at the lower end, or net bags filled with snow.

Here’s the trick we used:

  • Bring a water bottle filled with cold water
  • Covering of snow so that the picket is invisible
  • Pour a little water over the stake: water hardens in seconds.
  • When removing your tent, dig the snow to see the cord and picket, gently remove it (usually it comes relatively easily).
  • For better insulation, the tent must be equipped with flaps.
  • The tent (including flaps) must be taut so that the snow does not accumulate on it.

Guest Post: Family Tent Center

Guide to buy pack and play (playpens) for baby

The content of the article:

  • Ages of Use
  • Security
  • How much they cost

The pack and plays (or so-called playpens) are probably the best examples of how they have improved baby items since they were metal frames, exposed screws and could easily collapse. The pack and play which are currently on the market are safer, versatile and attractive. In addition, you can use them for a long time. Find all you need to know for the purchase of best pack and play here.

Many models include barnyard bassinet and removable changing table, so many parents, instead of buying bassinet and changer for your newborn, buy one of these multipurpose pack and play.

Thanks to the wheels which incorporate with this type of pen, it can be moved easily from one room to the other, which is very useful with a newborn because you can move it around the house during their daytime naps.

It is also very convenient to travel when your baby is small because it offers a safe and familiar place when your baby is away from home, or if you stay at home or granny who cares for him when you work, it can ensure the maximum safety for your baby.

You can use the pack and play as a safe area when your child begins to crawl or take their first steps, and need to contain his curious spirit in places that are not childproof (beaches, campsites) or simply while cooking or you manage to go to work.

When it is too big for the bassinet (products weighing 7 kilos or 15 pounds), remove it and the pack and plays are ready for use. You can sleep in the corral with the lower mattress, but as is thin and is not safe to add more stuff to pad it more, it is best to choose another place as the cradle.

Several models include accessories such as awnings that reflect the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, bags for toys and small wheels that can be locked which prevents the pack and play from running,…….These are, among other things, useful properties.

Ages of Use

You can put your newborn in a pack and play, but it will seem a little overwhelming. If your yard has a bassinet, you can use until your baby is big enough to enjoy the corral that will be very helpful when your child begins to crawl, between 6 and 10 months. You’ll continue using the pen until your baby is already running, and at 2 years.

You can use the bassinet until the baby weighs 7 kilos or 15 pounds. Diaper changer can be used until they weigh 11 to 13 kilos (25 to 30 pounds).


More than one million pack and plays have been recalled in recent years because the sides were not firm or were released. If you are using a pen second-hand, make sure it has not been recalled for being defective.

Never put your baby in a playpen until it is fully assembled and set points have been closed. Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions and when you finish mounting; make sure the sides and floor are well placed, giving it a firm shakes to see if being out of step.

Follow age and weight recommended by the manufacturer. Some recommend to stop using the pack and play when the child reaches 88 cm (35 inches) tall or 13 and a half kilos (30 pounds); others, when measured 91 cm (3 feet) tall or can get out of the corral.

When you go to bed your baby in a playpen, use the same safety standards sleep you’d use in any other situation: I lay him on his back and cover him with no sheets or blankets that can come loose, or pillows or quilted bedspreads. If you use a blanket or the mattress, make sure it is made especially for the blanket and fits well with the mattress.

How much they cost

A new pack and play can cost between 90 and 150 dollars, but can reach $ 250. Some models are even attached to several bags for storing toys, bassinet and changing table.

Tip: If you plan to travel by plane with your baby, keep the box next to the corral pack it and check it at the airport.

Headphones: 15 useful tips when buying headphones.

Buying headphones? We get you started with this headset buying guide. Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG and Sony: these are just a few manufacturers who are known for making speakers or headphones. Indeed, the market is large and you have to make many choices, you want to choose the best headphones for your need? Take a circumaural headphones, supra-aural model, earbuds or in-ear buds? We put the most important considerations when buying headphones in a row.

Headphones Compare Tip: With our handy list, you can easily compare headphones and you will immediately see the best earbuds under 50 in the shops!

# 1 What type of headphones are there?

There are four different types of headphones on the market:

Circumaural headphones

The circumaural headphones are worn with a strap over the head and the ears to the speakers completely fall on the ears. Circumaural headphones are often more expensive and really meant for home use. They are less suited for traveling.


  • Robust
  • Often, good sound
  • Close tightly


  • Large and heavy
  • Duration (der)

Suitable for:

  • Home
  • Office
  • In the train

Purchase price: From € 80

Supra-aural headphones

These models also sit with a bracket on the head but are much smaller. The earcups are on the ears, not over it.


  • Can also be used outdoors
  • Lighter than circumaural
  • cheaper


  • more noise
  • not robust

Suitable for:

  • Home
  • Office
  • By bike
  • ongoing
  • In the train

Purchase price: From € 50

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones are worn in the ear canal. Less noise can escape and securely. These models are useful for working out.


  • Seal well
  • good sound
  • do not fall off the ears


  • Dangerous in traffic
  • More expensive than earbuds

Suitable for:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Sport
  • ongoing
  • In the train

Purchase price: From € 10


Earbuds are earplugs with speakers that you wear in your ear. These are very convenient for travel and are often a lot cheaper compared to in-ear models.


  • Light
  • Easy to store
  • Cheap


  • Close not good off
  • No perfect sound
  • Quickly fall out of the ears

Suitable for:

  • By bike
  • Sport
  • ongoing
  • In the train

Purchase price: From € 2

# 2 What is the difference between open and closed headphones?

The difference between open closed headphone is the construction of the earcup of the headphones that applies the base especially for models that are worn over the head. As the word implies, open headphones have an open design. This means that it not only in the direction of the ear, but also radiates sound to the other side. With an open headphones so you can hear more of the ambient noise, but the area also hear more of what you are listening to. Closed headphones, on the other hand on the outside really close completely leaving little noise came through and the headphones sound so hardly hear the outside. The traffic is a closed headphone so dangerous but fellow travelers on the train will just appreciate if you use a closed headphones.

# 3 What specifications should I look for when buying a headset?

If you’re looking for headphones, you come into contact with a variety of specifications and terms? An overview.

Frequency Range

The frequency indicates the sound frequencies he can play. The human ear can hear in an ideal situation frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. A good set of headphones can cover all of these frequencies. Very good models perform even to sound frequencies up to 30 or 40.000Hz. These are frequencies that you do not hear directly, but will affect the overall sound quality.


Not every source of noise generates as much power. This means that a simple MP3 player for example, can deliver much less power than the headphone output of a large amplifier home. On the basis of the sensitivity of an earphone you can see if a model is suitable for a simple mp3 player. Use your headphones especially on your home stereo, then the sensitivity (in English: Sensitivity) less relevant. However you use it with your phone or MP3 player than a high sensitivity is better.


The impedance is meant the resistance, and this is measured in ohms. The lower the impedance, the more power must provide your phone, MP3 player or amplifier. For a headset that you use at home, this figure is not very relevant, but you use a headset with your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player than the impedance preferably not too high (max. 50-60 Ohm). The headphones or the sound will remain fairly soft a higher impedance.

What is a Good Ridding Lawn Mower?.

The lawns of the large gardens and parks require the equipment suited to their area. To maintain these vast grassed areas, you had better invest in best riding lawn mowers, which is also called lawn tractor. Being comfortable to use, the riding lawn mower is the most suitable machine for cutting very large areas. Furthermore, many accessories allow you to divert to perform other work in the garden: spread fertilizer, scarify the lawn, roll the chasing snow …
How to make the right choice among the many models proposed? Following are all tips in our riding lawn mower reviews to help you success in purchasing this important device!

The criteria related to the garden and the gardener

Cutting width

The larger the area, the greater the cutting width should. You should opt for a cutting width:
– 60-76 cm for surfaces from 1000 to 1500m;
– 76 to 92/96 cm for surfaces 1500 to 3000m;
– 92-112 cm for surfaces of over 5000m².

The type of terrain

You have a massive garden that has many obstacles to avoid when mowing? Your mower will be very handy with a small turning radius. The riding lawn mower offers a clear view to the front and a front swivel, allowing you to quickly and easily understand the obstacles to avoid.
Note that: In the land with trees, for greater precision mowing, choose a mower deck to the front wheels, it is the front sectional mowers.


On flat ground, you can use all types of riding mowers. Riding mowers can be used on any slope below 30%. However, no manufacturer recommends the use of a mower, regardless of the model, on a slope greater than 30%.

The user comfort

You will spend a lot of time on your mower to navigate its 1000 lawn of 5000m² … So be installed! The ergonomics of your mower is a criterion not to be overlooked. Make sure the comfort of the seat. Some models offer an adjustment of its height and length. The ergonomic steering wheel to maneuver easily and an open platform for easy mounting and dismounting are also preferred.

The settings

The majority of settings is done from the driver’s seat. An electronic clear and detailed scoreboard makes your operation and maintenance of your machine. The cutting height adjustment is centralized, simple joystick positioning allows you to adjust quickly and easily. The clutch of the blade is also accessible to adjust your seat; for comfort, choose an electromagnetic blade clutch.


The grass clippings ejection system is to focus on very large surfaces: it spreads out the clippings, offers considerable time savings (no need to stop the mowing course to empty the tray) and mowing speed is faster on these models.
The pickup tray, however, offers better maneuverability and casts no grass in the flower beds that bypasses the machine. The capacity of grass collector ranges from 200L to 250L. The overthrow of the tray is then manually or, on some models, by pressing a lever or pushing a button, accessible from the seat. You just still consider the weight to be lifted once the tank is full!
The riding mower offers mulching, a system which chops the grass As shearing and redeposited the ground as mulch, nourishing and protecting your lawn. Mulching requires frequent mowing, 1-2 times a week and is optimal when the grass is dry.
Namely: The rear discharge may be associated with a collection box, or a rake (which expels the cut grass).

Driving comfort

Transmission or gearbox is an important element in driving comfort, and in the price of the machine. It can be automatic, most often called hydrostatic transmission. The clutch is at the foot, but you can change gears without stopping unlike the mechanical gear box.
The Transmatic box exclusively on BAT models, is a good compromise between mechanical and hydrostatic box. Easier to use than a mechanical box, because it does not require to stop. It offers a better price / quality ratio.

The budget

Most riding mowers for the home gardener are in the following ranges: It costs at least 1,000 €. However, in order to take care of your large garden, it worths buying, isn’t it?

Great tips for using Vacuum sealer.

You can preserve food for longer with a vacuum sealer and ordinary freezer bags. A vacuum sealer removes the air, which causes oxidation and the results of food spoilage. Special sealer bags cost more than traditional freezing, but ultimately, you will save money because when air is removed, it also prevents inedible, freezer-burned food. While some foods do not taste as good when it freezes, like sour cream, most remain well preserved, including liquids. In this article, we will give you some tips when using and maintaining vacuum sealer.

Practice Portion Control

Whether you are making a casserole or pie a vacuum sealer will help you divide your portions serving size packages configured properly that can be thawed and used in cooking is unattractive and you’re tempted to eat , instant fattening foods. Freezing of food in portion sizes works especially well if you’re trying to lose weight with a points-based system, because you can score points for the selection in the outside of the package after weighing it.

Save space in the kitchen

Vacuum sealers are not just for the freezer. If you have a small kitchen, a vacuum sealer can save space in the pantry. Just remove all its robust, non crushable and hard on their packaging food items, taking care to keep the preparation instructions. Your vacuum sealer can pack every product in a more compact size, but remember to write what is inside before sealing.

Do not let the liquid ruin the sealant

All juicy food like meat, fish sauces and can ruin the sealing mechanism if too much fluid enters the system. To avoid this, according to vacuum sealer reviews, fold a paper towel into a narrow strip and place it in the bag, just below the area where the sealing line is. To continue the process of vacuum sealing, paper towel will absorb excess juices. You want to get the product with paper towel inside? When thaw, just cut open the bag below the edge of the paper towel. Your food will stay safe and you keep your sealant in proper operating condition.

Prevent odor invasions

Always do your best to avoid annoying odors in the house. One way to do this is by using a vacuum sealer, which helps keep odors at a minimum.

Keep Cutlery bright

Air causes oxidation food as well as metals such as silver. You can avoid having to polish the silverware before and after the events, by using a vacuum sealer bypass air when their serving utensils are in storage. After polishing the silverware, group packages only portion sizes or types, then vacuum seal stamp each. The next time you want to make an impression at dinner by the use of cutlery, you will be ahead of the game because they will not have to regrinding.

How to care for the vacuum packaging

If we gave you previously tips for optimal packaging, now we want to give a series of recommendations to maintain our packaging in perfect condition.

Taking good care of the vacuum packaging allow us to work with it lot of time, in good condition and ensure impeccable packaging. We must remember that the quality of the vacuum depends on the quality of the packaging.

The liquid is the worst ally of the vacuum packaging. The aspiration of liquids may damage the vacuum pump that is, the suction machine. Thus, we freeze the liquid before packaging, because if they are inhaled, they can seriously damage the vacuum pump.

It is advisable to avoid moist foods to make packaging. To do this, we can dry them with a paper or cloth towels. If some liquid is introduced into the vacuum packaging, we IMMEDIATELY disrupt the operation. On the other hand, it allows sealing the bag so that the air can not leak. In order to maintain the sealing bar:

  • It is important that we keep clean the seal bar and neoprene rubber.
  • If it has posed some kind of residue on the sealing bar we will have to clean it with a cloth and not with sharp or pointed objects.
  • We must fill the bags packaging excessively because it could hamper the seal. We therefore recommend vacate 5 cm at the top of the bag.
  • If we are packing a bag and then we do the same with another, we should wait a few seconds for the sealing bar to cool. In this way, we will increase its durability and guarantee to make a good seal.

With these tips will help to keep our vacuum packaging in perfect condition and in this way we can make an effective and durable packaging.


Organize your wedding in a canopy

Eh! yes, a big lovely well-appointed canopy is perfect for the wedding. Let’s celebrate your marriage where you want. Whether in the courtyard of a beautiful castle, in a meadow in the mountains, or just in your garden, it should be recognized that capital can benefit from certain advantages. However, this also requires another organization. Here are some tips when you organize your wedding in a canopy or a cheap pop up canopies for sale.

Content of the article:

  • The quotations
  • Verify accessibility of the place with the provider, but also the caterer!
  • An area dedicated to food and dance only
  • Remember to equip your equipment in canopy
  • Also, think about electricity
  • Improvise a passage to the big top
  • Decorate Area
  • Organize your canopy
  • Remember the toilet

The quotations

So there is already the first very important part. While many providers now offer rental of canopy and marquees, be aware that the rates vary widely from one provider to another. Also, feel free to go around them and do not hesitate to report their material if possible on another event.

Verify accessibility of the place with the provider, but also the caterer!

Eh! yes, because if the first is to locate the scene to see if it is possible to plant a canopy, the second must ensure that it can deliver to the place that will serve him cooking. Then a meadow, yes, but not in an inaccessible location. Your garden, OK, but not whether to overwrite all the flower beds to let the vehicle caterer!

A place dedicated to food and dance only

To facilitate your organization of the evening, it is recommended to choose a canopy that will be used only wedding breakfast and evening that will follow. In other words, we must find another place for the cocktail. If time allows, install it outside, it’s always more pleasant. By cons, if it rains, provide the canopy for the cocktail. This will allow you to keep it clean and ready for the big meal.

Remember to equip your equipment in canopy

Usually, your provider will offer you, but you can also forestall the asking him to provide tables, chairs, platforms or just one floor (carpet, parquet, or other) for the canopy. These are often recommended things. If you do not want to soil for the canopy, make sure the ground where the track will do no holes or other. A sprain would be inappropriate on your wedding day …

Also, think about electricity

You will have electricity if only to play music. Also, ask if there is a nearby electrical outlet or if you need to rent an electric génératuer. Similarly, it may be able to serve you for heating, because even if you are getting married in the summer, some nights can be chilly where you are following.

Improvise a passage to the big top

If you are at home or in a place that you can design, create a small alley or with pebbles or sand, or even just a bit of grass carpet style, or a red carpet. The aim will be not only the decor, but you will avoid the mud in case of rain inside the canopy. And ladies in high heels will thank you!

The decorate Area

Of course, you can decorate everything outside the canopy in the colors or theme of your wedding. You can also illuminate the area with solar lamps or candles. This will make the site even more user-friendly.

Organize your canopy

For implantation of the same canopy, you see what you prefer. You can arrange the tables to one side to leave the track in the other, or you can organize roundtables around the dance floor. Do not also forget to book maybe a caterer space if needed.

Remember the toilet

The essential venue for any event, you should think about the bathroom if there is no nearby. You may be able to rent a dry toilet in your canopy provider. Depending on the number of guests, take several and maybe ask a vendor to come mid snowy evening.

So, with all these tips, you should be prepared! And you who are getting married in a canopy, any advice?

The essential oil diffusers: which to choose?

The growing market for essential oil diffusers experiencing unprecedented success. The dissemination of essential oils cleanses the atmosphere, and this is one of the most common modes of application of aromatherapy recipes.
In this very popular market, there are several types of diffusers, using different distribution methods, and it is not always easy to differentiate and make the right choice.

The electric essential oils diffusers that work by cold fogging

These essential oils diffusers transform into a cloud of very fine particulate matter. The dissemination is done through a light fog and enables essential oils diffused to keep all their virtues. A sure thing!

The electric diffusers that work by micro-diffusion

They are a little more expensive to buy, but they guarantee durability and unfailing broadcast quality.
They act by ultrasound. With this method of distribution, essential oils remain at room temperature. They have already won a great number of customers! Extremely simple to use, they are often equipped with a broadcast system along with a fine mist, which harmoniously releases aromatic molecules in the room. Some broadcasters also play a role humidifier.

The electric or USB ventilation cold diffusers

There are also diffusers cold vent acting by convection as a mini cold fan that releases molecules of essential oils through an interchangeable buffer. Most broadcasters found commercially do not heat the essential oils but it should be ascertained before purchase. There are small office diffusers, very practices such as USB.

Deprecated broadcasters

Then come the broadcasters by heating the candle (or perfume burners). Those are strongly discouraged because heating denatures the essential oil of its energy potential. These diffusers even tend to “burn” the aroma and can not guarantee a real therapeutic release. Scorched essential oil diffusion is dangerous to health.

The principle of this type of broadcasters is simple: place a few drops of essential oils on a clay ring and then put on a lamp so that the heat produced by the lamp allows to evaporate the essential oil. This type of diffuser the advantage of being very cheap. However, it has some drawbacks. Moreover, as any type of diffuser using the principle of heat for evaporation, it is possible that the heat generated destroys or alters the characteristics of the oils you use thérapeuthiques canceling the benefits of flavors.

These small clay pots or clay can be in many forms. They generally contain an opening through which is introduced the essential oil that is generally closed with a cork. The intensity of the flavor depends on how much essential oil is in the pot.

This type of diffuser is obviously very cheap, can be used anywhere and requires no power source. However, you can imagine: the dissemination of aromas is rather limited and so not in a very wide area.

The most fluent met burners are those using tea lights and are often made of ceramic. These burners can broadcast a flat cavity wherein the plug can be introduced over which is placed a small container bowl-shaped to be used for containing water and the essential oil. The burners are operated by the principle of evaporation. When the water boils, the steam created can display aromas in the room. We find this type of burners in forms as diverse as varied.
A good burner should have a large enough container to hold the water with a structure not putting it too close to the flames and allowing the water to not evaporate too quickly and the container does not break or crack with heat. You can meet some glass containers, but these are generally less resistant than ceramic.

The advantage of this type of diffuser is that it is inexpensive and can even be a decorative element in your home. It is also very simple to use. However, because it is heated by a candle implies that it still remains under surveillance especially if you have kids.

Scented candles

The use of scented candles with essential oils is increasingly household communications. Their use has primarily the advantage of being very cheap and can be used in almost anywhere to remove bad smells or even create a soothing atmosphere. Note, however, that even if they allow scenting the room where the candles are, they are not as effective as other types of broadcasters in particular because of the lower concentration diffused by this technique. Furthermore, the heating effect of the candle dététiore some natural components of essential oils which then lose their therapeutic effect.

There are now candles made soy wax instead of paraffin. The latter is more harmful than the first for our organism. Indeed, the paraffin-based wax is made from petroleum and can contain carcinogens. Soy wax candles are for their totally natural. These also have the advantage of not producing the black soot that may leave marks on the walls or furniture nearby.

Options for essential oil diffuser

There are many types of essential oil diffusers on the market but not all are suited to the same needs and have a number of advantages but also disadvantages that we do not necessarily think. This site aims to be a simple and practical guide for those wishing to obtain an essential oil diffuser but does not know where to start or just to check before buying.

Because broadcasters are nothing without essential oils, several items are also devoted to them to find out how best to use them with your broadcaster. Here are some options for essential oil diffusers and tips for choosing them.

The homemade essential oil diffusers

Did you know it is possible to make by yourself your own essential oil diffuser? We see in this article the different techniques that can be used to create either at its own diffuser with utensils every day.

Broadcast by a single fabric

Simply put 4-5 drops of essential oil on a tissue and put it close to you. You will feel the flavors thanks to small currents of air caused by the comings and goings of people in the room.

Advantages: This method has the advantage of being used anywhere and allows easy transport.

Disadvantages: With a broadcast on a single fabric, dissemination of flavors will be rather limited and might not be broadcasted throughout the room especially if it is large.

Steam diffuser

Let boil two cups of water. Pour this water into a bowl and add about 10 drops of essential oil (or less depending on the oil you use). The use of this method can be effective at any time of the day to relax and revitalize you based on the type of oil you use. The steam produced by the boiling water will heat the oil and allow its rapid evaporation in the room.

Advantages: This method allows rapid diffusion of aromas in the room.

Disadvantages: The aroma and produced lontemps remains well in the room. In addition, the warm water may taint or destroy some components of the oil that you use. Therefore, this method can not have no therapeutic benefit and may not be as effective as using a cold diffusion technique.

Candle diffuser

Light a candle, and leave switched on for about 5 minutes. Turn off and then place the essential oil of your choice on the candle to melt (and not on the wick, the oil can be highly inflammable). Then turn the candle so that the aroma can disperse throughout the room.

Advantages: This method can be used to be almost everywhere it is not dangerous to light a candle.

Disadvantages: We need fair careful with this method because some oil may be highly flammable. In addition, the warm water may taint or destroy some components of the oil that you use. Therefore, this method can not have no therapeutic benefit and may not be as effective as using a cold diffusion technique.

Essential oils nebulizers

A nebulizer is a device for separating and distributing molecules of essential oils into a room. By broadcasting an extremely fine particle nebulizer cloud keeps all therapeutic virtues of essential oils. This type of device also allows better molecules absorption than other types of broadcasters.

There are two types of nebulizers. Ultrasonic nebulizers for which conversion is made through a vibrating surface actuated by the ultrasound (frequency> 20000 Hz). There are also concentric nebulizers where nebulization is generated by the simultaneous introduction of liquid and a gas.

Besides its use in the field of aromatherapy, this type of device is also used in the medical field. This type of device is generally in two parts: a plastic base which contains the motor and another glass part with an unconventional shape to realize the nebulization process.

This type of device is probably the most effective for both diffuse the oil in your room and keep the therapeutic effects of essential oils. However, it has certain disadvantages. Indeed, the glass portion can be easily broken if it is relatively expensive to replace. In addition, compared to other methods of distribution, type of diffuser is a little more complicated to clean: the slightly thicker oils should, therefore, be avoided (such as patchouli) if you do not want to clog the glass.

The essential criteria for a good pack and play?

It is essential to choose the pack and plays that conform to all safety standards. The standard bars and height are regulated for better security. Prefer the rigid pack and play that allows the baby to rest and practice to get up that does not allow the pack and play that is too soft to provide support. It must be pliable and easy to store (possibly on wheels) if you need to leave the room when one receives. The pack and play at different levels is an attractive option because it is more pleasant for the parent.

Hazardous materials

Do not buy pack and play equipped with sharp edges or exposed hinges, pads uncovered gold caps. A baby could scratch pinch or cut fingers. Also, forsake the pack and play, the ends of the bolts are apparent. Again, your offspring could be injured. Prefer pack and play fitted with a cap nut securely attached. If you opt for a metallic park, the tube ends must be covered with caps gold pads.


This obviously depends on the available space in your home, in your room, but it must be large enough for the child to move there and explore. 96 to 102cm aside for pack and play, square bars, 108 to 113cm for the round or octagonal pack and play, the standard format of a rectangular pack and play is 92x98cm, but can range from 73x102cm 97x173cm to reach for the biggest. The largest floor area is reached with the oval version (108x145cm), interesting example when guard together several children. There are net 90x90cm 94x194cm pack and play.


The play space, learning, and sometimes rest for your baby, the pack and play must be above all a safe and comfortable object, so you can leave your child there with confidence. For the selection of the pack and play, two options are available to you: the bars pack and play or the net pack and play. Both of these models have advantages and disadvantages.

Credited with bars, these pack and plays can be adjusted to 3 different heights to support the development of the child and relieve your back. High-end models can be used as a separation barrier between rooms, security gate to close a staircase or firewall with an easy fastening system to the wall. Lightness and maneuverability characterize the net pack and play.



The strength of wooden bars allow baby to stick to it and therefore to learning of standing, for the first steps. In addition, the pack and plays that have bars have the great advantage of being stable and durable, making it a safe space for the baby playing time. Finally, the bars structure allows a greater field of vision to the child who can see his surrounding.


The main drawback of the bars in the pack and play is a wooden structure, in which baby may well bump in the first time. To avoid this, choose a pack and play ride on the same principle as a round bed, avoiding the blue baby. in addition, by at bars is cumbersome, and even if it is sometimes foldable, there is little suitable when we want to regularly change its location or transporter.



The pound net is lightweight, foldable and easy to transport. It allows you to regularly change the room for the child, take him out, or even carry on vacation, without much effort for parents. Moreover, the net dampens the child falls when he learns to recover.


The net pack and play does not allow baby to get up, which allows him not to advance his learning to walk. But if you do not let baby a few minutes a day in the pack and play, there is no problem at this level. The pack and play with bars or mesh, all the pack and play offered for sale have their own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Especially the use you make, your mobility and the time baby will spend that must motivate your choice between the two formulas. The remaining essential to install this item safely is not to leave baby unattended.


For storage, the wheels must be equipped with lock brakes during use.


What is essential oil diffuser?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds from seeds, shells, stalks, Roots, flowers and other plant parts in compression. They can be pleasant, but also very Intensive smelling.

Essential oil, the quality of which is therapeutic, often is extracted by steam distillation method. Ingredients are extracted into oil in order to ensure the best possible quality and the correct chemical composition of the need to control the temperature and pressure very accurately.

Careful selection and harvesting at the right moment (when the concentration of essential oils is Peak) is needed. Many people want to try many different type of essential oil diffuser according to essential oil diffuser reviews to find out which suits them best, others pick an easier way is to search for some essential oil diffuser reviews.

Essential oils can liven up the atmosphere, to soothe the senses and call forth powerful feelings. However, the use of essential oils is not based exclusively on their smell but is much broader.

Many cultures have used within the history of essential oils due to their medical and therapeutic effects. The current trends towards holistic self-care, as well as the increasing appreciation of science to alternative methods of treatment are leading the reinvention of the beneficial health properties of essential oils. Many oils have a strong cleansing effect, and they are attacked by bacteria in a natural way. The unique chemical structures allow them to go directly through the skin and are effective when used directly on the skin surface. Some essential oils can also be used as a dietary supplement to increase vitality and well-being.

Now you can pay little extra cost to try a few products:


Stimulates blood circulation, relieve, relieve the tension of the skin, softens the skin, soothe tension, soothe irritated tissue, relaxes the muscles, lubricates.

Usage: Brush locally for all muscles, including the heart of the area. Use the massage mixed with coconut oil. 3 €

Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

  • Steno sis, acne, anxiety, dandruff, skin disorders, lung disease, arthritis, cleaning, sinusitis, psoriasis, calms anxiety, constipation, cystitis, urinary tract infection, cough, yoga.
  • Usage: steam and / or apply topically, soles of the feet reflex zone, dilute with children and people with sensitive skin. 1 €

Clary Sage (Salvia)

  • Treats Acne, whooping cough, dandruff, hair loss, hot flushes, hypertension, menstrual, menopause, migraine, PMS, wrinkles.
  • Well-being: nervous tension, hormonal balance, impotence, midlife crisis, convulsions, muscle cramps, depression / balance, sexual frigidity, aphrodisiac, stress, stomach problems, poor circulation.
  • Usage: steam and / or apply locally and soles of the feet reflex zone. Impotence also be taken internally. 4 €

Clove Bud:

  • (Carnation), acne, scars, wounds, toothache, insect bites, gum diseases, ear aches, nausea, headache, constipation.
  • Well-being: disinfection of residential areas, the flu season, dental care products, insect repellents, skin care.
  • Use: ingested, steamed and / or applied topically, soles of the feet reflex zone. Brush the gums. If Irritation, cough drops, put your finger behind the tongue. Breathe gently steam. 2 €


  • Used for Strictures, motion sickness, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain.
  • Purpose: To enjoy internally, locally coat the stomach and reflex soles of the feet and ankles, you can also vaporize and inhale directly. 4 €


  • Treats Lack of energy, stress, lack of attention or of hopelessness
  • Usage: steam and / or apply locally in the soles of the feet, Heart borne, neck, temples, wrists, thymus gland, and eyebrow over. Stir in coconut oil for the entire massage. Apply a poor blood supply to the area. 5 €



  • (Grapefruit), acne, flu, skin conditions, depression, constipation.
  • Well-being: the flu season, disinfection living spaces.
  • Purpose: To enjoy internally, steam and / or apply locally or reflex soles of the feet.
  • 1-2 drop to drink or mixed with food. It is not so sensitive to the sun than any other citrus oils. 2 €


  • Flu, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, cramps, sore throat, fever, muscle cramps, stress.
  • Well-being: disinfection of residential areas, the flu season, skin care, decompression stress and sedated.
  • Purpose: To enjoy internally, steam and / or apply locally or reflex soles of the feet. Good extra shower gel, moisturizer or deodorants.
  • 1-2 drops under the tongue or mixed with water to drink. 2 €

Get to know more about the baby pack and play

The baby pack and plays are indispensable for many parents: practical, safe… It allows baby to wriggle at ease and discover the world around him. Let’s see how the outfit at best, among the multitude of choices available to you.

From 6 or 7 months, baby reaches the age where he can enjoy the pack and play: his desire for discovery grows, and he appreciates more and more to play with everything which surrounds it. Toddlers also observe a lot at this age and love to see you just go about your business in the room where the pack and play is located. Within its small universe to him, he wakes with his toys but also looking at you and listening to you. Over the discoveries and experiences, it will become more resourceful, to help bars to stand. What to spend many entertaining moments by then!

This secure play area is popular for its practicality, which allows parents to enjoy free time in the house while baby plays with four paws safe in his placeholder. Now up to you to equip it so that your little one does not get bored, especially to adapt the universe constantly because the baby is evolving!


Along with his first toys, blanket or the baby’s first play mats, baby pack and play is part of the articles of the first age childcare, intended to promote the awakening of toddlers and their safety.

Yet the debate is lively between the proponents of this accessory and opponents who see a prison scale model in which we try to contain the first manifestations of the child is independence.


Useful from 6 months up to the age of walking, children can get used to the pack and play as early as 3 months and use up to 18 months. There are many childcare brands among the best known are constantly refining their models to improve their practical qualities. Thus, we find the classic wooden bars parks, plastic pack and play or fabric pack and play, and others equipped ith flexible protection nets…Essentially, there are two types of pack and play:

The foldable wooden bars pack and play, with or without wheels, equipped with a padded floor or pack and play background may be adjustable in height. One can equip pack and play with cloth sold separately. Their main advantage: high stability and easily graspable barriers that help baby to stand up.

The net pack and play, generally lighter and more compact, comes with carrying bag is especially convenient for travel. Gays and colorful, they are based in the world of the nursery. With padded edges and corners, pack and play aim all the comfort and safety of a toddler. Their background is not height adjustable.


First criterion: the pack and play must comply with current safety standards for this type of product (NF S 54-010 and EN 12227), which govern in particular the bar spacing (less than 7cm) and the height of the pack and play (above to 55cm) to avoid the child to switch. There is thus little advisable to buy a used pack and play whose hinges can be skewed, rusty or may, in the case of a wooden pack and play, pose a risk to splinter.


First of first, the awakening pack and play mat is a must to offer baby a comfortable and playful background. Lying or sitting on it, he will find plenty to catch, pull, open, with textures and various noises. The dream for a little who marvels at the slightest novelty! Some carpets are provided with an arch, or hang small characters that baby will have fun and move to catch.

It is also possible to attach an ark pack and play directly to bars, valuable for older children. Put in the park walking objects such as rattles or toys to chew on teeth, the baby does not get tired! The plush toys will make the place even more soft and comfortable while the awakening tables may be fixed on the bars. Do not hesitate to put everything in disorder and change objects place baby will have fun looking for what he wants, and it will make him move!